How to Use This Site

Welcome to the Go Rowing website

  • First off, this site is in beta-testing as of March 16th 2000, which means that it is being tried out live online for the very first time. We know there are likely to be teething troubles, hiccups and possibly the odd outright crunch. We apologise in advance for these, will try to put them right straight away, and hope they entertain you if nothing else.

  • Now, Go Rowing is designed to be a website catering for the needs of the travelling rower. Whether you are visiting a country on business and fancy a quick paddle up the river, are going to watch one of the great annual rowing events, or need to plan an all-out training camp for thirty schoolkids, this is the place to start.

  • The details you're after are primarily arranged by location. The beta-test site now has two locations, the Tideway in London and Henley-on-Thames, (both UK). It is aimed that by the end of 2000 there will be a dozen rowing venues, scattered around the world. More will be added in future years, as fast as we can collect and validate the information. During 2000 there will be one new location added every few weeks.

  • Obviously venues in the same country will share information in common. But every location directory has the standard set of subheadings under which everything is organised. You will find these to the left of the main page, once you are within a location page. Some general pages are to be found above these, which act as shortcuts to the things all travellers in every country are interested in.

  • If this completely confuses you, try the website map, an index of everything you need to know.

  • We suggest that as you plan your trip, you access and print off our Go Rowing Checklist, to help you cover all the vital details that make the difference between a fun rowing trip and one long unending cock-up.

  • Those interested in welcoming visitors, or those planning trips to unusual rowing venues we haven't yet covered may find the Go Rowing Noticeboard especially handy: post your requests for or offers of help here. This is the place to stick all those adverts about houses to let for the Olympics, boats to hire out for the Head of the Charles, etc.

  • Finally, we welcome your comments and feedback, particularly if you have something to add about a specific venue which future readers might find useful. Let us know about great restaurants, hotels, friendly rowing contacts and things to do wherever you go. Each location has a suggestions page to contribute to. If you want to write to us about a venue we haven't covered yet, we will stockpile your letter and incorporate it as soon as we get to that rowing spot. Scribble us an email today.

    Thank you for visiting,

    Will Herbertson and Rachel Quarrell