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General pages
Pages on Travel, Currency exchange and Event information. A Bulletin Board for posting your notices about accommodation wanted/available and boat hire, and the Go Rowing Checklist to help you plan your trip from A to Z. Also general Maps, global links and a page on How to Use This Site. Finally there is a list of.....

At present Go Rowing is in beta-test, so it contains two sites, the Tideway in London, and Henley-on-Thames, both UK. These will progressively be added to, as the Locations List details.

Every location covered includes information on travel, money, accommodation, rowing facilities, entertainment, shopping, food, weather and as much practical detail as possible. All the pages are tailored to the location you are reading about. Each location directory has a "have your say page" where you can add your own comments about visiting the area.

Guest Locations
For a while we are going to accept guest locations, with the information submitted by readers who are directly connected with the club or the venue concerned. Please see the submission form for more details.

And the rest
We would love to receive your constructive criticism and suggestions. Just bear in mind that we are already in the middle of a development programme... You can email the organisers directly. If you wish to support our project then feel free to quote the URL - - or to make a link to the site on your own. You may use the postmark logo as an icon.