..... in Henley-upon-Thames, UK

Welcome to the Henley section
Henley-on-Thames is one of the world's best-known rowing locations. With the famous Leander Club on its banks, and holding the annual Henley Royal Regatta each summer, it is something of a mecca for rowing tourists, both British and from overseas.

During the year Henley's river character changes dramatically, from the quiet and bleak winter look, to the idyllic summer scenes and mad hyper-organised frenzy of the big summer regattas.

The town of Henley is relatively small, and consequently rowing plays a large part in town life. The Henley Standard must be one of the only UK local papers which carries regular substantial features on rowing events and personalities.

In recent years the River and Rowing Museum, which won Museum of the Year award in 1999, has attracted further interest to the town. To complete the tour, a visit to the unique Richard Way Bookshop is worthwhile, as it carries a substantial collection of rowing books and prints.