Travelling around Henley

Henley is a small provincial market town and as such has only a limited transport network in comparison to our other featured UK locations. That is not to say, however, that getting about is difficult. Far from it, in fact - walking across the town takes less than an hour and it would be possible to visit many of the main attractions on foot in an afternoon. Town maps are available from the Tourist Information Office in the Town Hall (+44 (0) 1491 578034).

... by bus
There is a comprehensive local bus service, plus frequently scheduled coach services to London, Oxford and surrounding areas. Pick-up points going out of town tend to be on the High Street, just along from Henley Bridge.

... by car
If you do not wish to walk or take the bus, there are a number of options for car hire in the vicinity of Henley. This is probably going to be the best option for crews staying in Henley to train or race, since although the town is small, many of the best places to stay are up Remenham Hill or far from public transport routes. The cheapest option for car hire is Autodrive (see below) in Henley itself, however their fleet is smaller than a national company so availability may be a problem - especially during Royal Regatta week. Speaking of which, parking suitable for spectators can be both expensive and in short supply during the Royal Regatta. Unless you are a competitor, or have a pass which entitles you to free parking, be prepared to pay handsomely for the privilege of parking in a field one or two miles from the course (but it is worth it!)

Autodrive (94 Bell Street +44 (0) 1491 575868) offer cars from 32 a day or 170 for the week [Price includes VAT and insurance + unlimited mileage - but not fuel].

A little further away in Reading (20mins by road or rail), you have the choice of many of the major hire companies:
Alamo+44 (0) 118 988 3636
Avis+44 (0) 118 948 1527
Budget+44 (0) 118 959 7029
EuroDollar+44 (0) 118 935 2088
Hertz+44 (0) 118 986 1313

Prices start at approximately 40 per (week) day for a small vehicle [includes VAT, insurance and unlimited mileage - but not fuel]. In the event of an accident, you will be responsible for an insurance excess in the region of 500. Prices and availability are subject to change, so please check with the companies concerned. The above are all national firms and therefore offer other services such as delivery and different collection/drop-off points. This is especially useful if you wish to drive from the airport, for example, but do not require a vehicle during your stay.

The Henley traffic situation - a word of warning:
Henley has grown organically over hundreds of years and despite recent attempts to divert traffic, the road network through the town has remained essentially unchanged since the first days of the motorcar. This means that the morning and evening rush hours can be a nightmare, especially since Henley lies on a main commuter route between Oxford and London. If you are familiar with Henley (but have not visited it recently) then note that changes to the town's traffic regulations have been in force since 24th Jan. 2000, although these are now being reviewed again.

Filling up: There are three petrol stations close to Henley centre: the Regatta Service Station on the Reading Road, a petrol station at the top of Remenham Hill on the road to London, and the Nettlebed Service Station in Nettlebed (approx. 10mins by road).

... in a taxi
If you wish to use a taxi in Henley, you must either call, and arrange to be picked up, or get to the nearest taxi rank (the Station, for example) and wait for the next free taxi. Most firms will do longer journeys (such as airport runs) but these may have to be booked in advance.
Chiltern Cabs+44 (0)1491 578899 / 577888
County Cars+44 (0)1491 579696
Harris Taxis+44 (0)1491 577036
Henley Taxis+44 (0)1491 411822
CTS & HIT Taxi Services+44 (0)1491 414151
Select Cars+44 (0)1491 414444
Talbot Taxis+44 (0)1491 574222
Thames Cars+44 (0)1491 411188

... or maybe even by boat
If you need a break from the serious business of honing your catch to perfection, or perhaps a rest from coaching your crew to control their slide, why not take to the water for a relaxing cruise? If you need to work off some excess energy, there are plenty of old-style tourist rowing boats for hire. Alternatively, sit back in a motor launch and let the engine room do all the work for a change. Demand is obviously very high during the Royal Regatta although less so early in the day or later in the afternoon. Prices vary, but invariably include some form of deposit. Take a chequebook or be prepared to leave a loved one as security.
J Hooper IPG Marine
Hobbs & Sons LtdStation Rd+44 (0) 1491 572035
Opp. The Little White Hart (pub)+44 (0) 1491 576867
Friday Street+44 (0) 1491 882210