Rowing in Henley

There are three clubs rowing on the stretch of river between Marsh Lock and Medmenham Lock: Henley Rowing Club, Leander Club and Upper Thames Rowing Club (in order going downstream).

Henley Rowing Club
Decent-sized town rowing club, with a particularly strong junior programme developing over the late 1990's. Has rowers at all levels, make contact if you want to join a training session. Famous for Thursday night club suppers during the winter after training. Location: upstream of Henley Bridge and the Royal Regatta Headquarters on the southern side of the river: can give safety problems if the river is high in winter. Good car-parking and plenty of rigging/raft space. Generously-sized clubhouse rebuilt in early 1990's. Runs several local regattas and head races throughout the year. Has a website with contacts for the club listed.

Leander Club
The first club on this stretch of river, established by a breakaway group of elite oarsmen from London in the early 19th century. The most prestigious club to belong to in the UK. New members have to be proposed and seconded, but the club will host visiting international rowers and scullers who are not members, as well. The clubhouse is called the "Pink Palace", rebuilt during 1999-2000 after a large Lottery grant: it was always palatial upstairs but now the training facilities have been considerably improved as well as there being a general reorganisation. The function rooms can be hired for dinners and other events. Leander is the training location for the majority of the GB men's heavyweight squad, and used by other GB internationals from time to time. Located just downstream of Henley Bridge on the southern side of the river. There is an unofficial Leander Club webpage but at the moment the club does not have an official email contact. Fax and phone numbers are detailed on this page, however.

Upper Thames Rowing Club
Ideally located mid-way down the Henley course, Upper Thames is a club which has always been strong on senior/elite oarsmen. The women's rowing is now increasing steadily, especially at elite/international lightweight level. Excellent base for single scullers, plus a new junior programme started in late 1999. Located on Remenham Lane on the southern side of the river. It is rumoured that those ejected from Leander after failing to make the grade are sent a pink postcard with directions to Upper Thames on the back. Obviously not true......