UK Public Holidays

Public Holidays
There are several regular Bank Holidays in the UK, and there are also many religious holidays, which we are not including here unless they are generally observed by the whole community. On public holidays, many of which are Mondays, you may find that most shops are closed, as are banks and post offices, and opening hours for the rest may be severely curtailed. Cash machines tend to run out of money over long holiday periods, so stock up the week before. The Friday before a Bank Holiday is sometimes a day when businesses will close early to let their staff get away on vacation.

Friday April 21st 2000Good Friday
Monday April 24thEaster Monday
Monday May 1stMay Bank Holiday
Monday May 29thSummer Bank Holiday
Monday August 28thAugust Bank Holiday
Sunday December 24thChristmas Eve
Monday December 25thChristmas Day
Tuesday December 26thBoxing Day Bank Holiday
Monday January 1st 2001New Year's Day Bank Holiday

The annual Henley Royal Regatta (late June to early July) makes so many changes in how the town operates during a two-week period that it is essentially a local holiday, although one in which the town is geared towards full action, rather than locals taking time off. Be ready for changed opening hours, loads more traffic, revised circulation patterns, parking difficulties, and you will need to book in almost any restaurant or hotel. The Henley Women's Regatta a fortnight before does not cause quite so much chaos!