Staying Connected in Henley

Getting to a Net computer
Desperate to visit the go.rowing site? Must check your email? Dying for a coffee? The solution is to visit an internet cafe, combining the twin pleasures of a good cup of coffee and the chance to catch up with the news from home.

[If you wish to use your own computer to access email or the internet, please read our section on Travel Kit, covering modem requirements.

Email access
Assuming for the moment that you can definitely access the Web, either via your own laptop/palmtop or a cybercafe, then you are set to send and receive email using one of the free web-based email providers. The big ones include Hotmail, and the more specific, amongst others. Whichever one you choose, try and set up your freemail account before you travel, and take a list of email addresses with you for your friends and relations (in good old-fashioned paper format!) The larger freemail providers may get very busy at certain times of day, which might inform your choice.

As a general rule, if you can find a large shopping centre, the chances are that you won't be far from a cybercafe of some description. However, Henley seems to be the exception that proves the rule, as there are currently no real cybercafes in Henley (please correct us if we are wrong on this one!). Fortunately, in times of dire need, when life would not be worth living without your daily fix of go.rowing wisdom, there are a couple within a few miles if you have the time and the inclination to travel.

In return for using these addresses, all we ask is that you visit our site at least twelve times a day and tell all your friends. And anyone else you meet. Even your pets.

(30mins by road, but allow plenty of time to park and find the place)
Quarks, 7 Union Street, Reading. Tel: (0118) 9572937
Web Page:
Opening Times and Prices: Mon-Sat 07:30-21:00, Sun 11:00-19:00. From 2.50 hr
Quarks has full catering facilities, so you could grab a meal while you surf (surely a first for watersports?), as well as a Games Zone for the more adventurous.

(Much closer than Reading, and easier to find the cafe)
Crusoe's Internet Cafe, Cherry Tree House, 7 Dean Street, Marlow
Tel: (01628) 488376, Fax: (0171) 681 1472
Web Page:

Telephones, Photocopying and Fax Facilities
There are a large number of public telephones on the streets of Henley and most will accept either coins or cards (credit/debit cards, phonecards or chargecards). Unfortunately the red telephone box is a thing of the past in most areas and public telephones look similar to those found elsewhere in the world.

It is possible to find a public telephone in most public buildings and larger shops - pubs are an excellent starting point and will usually provide change without expecting you to buy a drink. Restaurants, however, often frown upon non-customers using their facilities unless in an emergency. Be aware that some telephones do not allow you to make calls to mobiles.

Call rates vary but if you are making an international call it is advisable to be extremely rich... or have a large supply of loose change. The alternative is to find one of the newsagents which offers special international calling rates - these are increasingly to be found in high streets and sometimes also offer internet facilities for travellers. For most coinphones, dial first then insert your money. For cardphones, put the card in before dialling. If there is a button labelled A then you will need to press it when the call is answered, or otherwise the other person won't be able to hear you. If you buy a global calling card either in the UK or elsewhere, you will be able to call without paying until you return home, by typing in a numeric code before the number you want to call.

Fax/Photocopying facilities are less prevalent, but it is worth trying the following: places of accommodation, newsagents, libraries, at many cybercafes. Sometimes if you are a visiting crew the local rowing club will be able to organise occasional fax facilities for you.