Catering while staying in Henley

It can be easy to cater for yourself in Henley, whether or not you have cooking facilities. There are two supermarkets, which both carry convenience food, and have extensive delicatessens which provide cold meats, salads and choice cheeses. They also usually sell plastic plates and cutlery, especially during the large regattas, along with other picnic conveniences.

The two main supermarkets in Henley are Waitrose (centre of town) and Tesco's (Reading road). Unless you are staying on a full-board, all snacks included basis, the chances are that you will need to visit a supermarket at some stage during your trip. If you are staying in self-catering accommodation, or just looking for a cheap option for lunch, the supermarket offers the best value for money food-wise. British supermarkets are simple to use - simply pick up a basket or wheel a trolley in through the door, browse, select and pay at the checkout. Fruit and vegetables should be placed in the plastic bags provided, but there is generally no need to weigh them separately (although in some branches you can if you wish). Otherwise it will be done at the checkout. Supermarkets accept all recognised forms of payment, but probably won't let you get away with the time honoured 'bag it and leg it' approach.

Where lunch is concerned, British supermarkets are becoming ever more cosmopolitan in their offering, with a choice ranging from a simple egg salad sandwich to a Peking duck wrap with ginger and water chestnut. Also available are fresh fruit, drinks, crisps, chocolate, cake, salad and so forth. Unless you have a really BIG appetite or are particularly fussy about your food, you should find something to satisfy your hunger.

Food Shops and Lunch Options: