Accommodation in Henley

Wherever I lay my weary head....

There is a wealth of accommodation in and around Henley. Prices, unfortunately, reflect the popularity of the area, particularly during large events, and staying on a tight budget can prove difficult. In addition, the majority of the accommodation takes the form of private guesthouses or B&B's - posing the usual problem of finding sufficient accommodation to house a crew (or crews) and their entourage. Crews taking part in the regatta may wish to take advantage of offers of accommodation from local people. A list of such accommodation is provided by Henley Royal Regatta to competitors following receipt of your entry. Having said all this, Henley is probably the most geared-up town in the entire world for entertaining rowers, and many private citizens have surprisingly large annexes to their houses which are heavily booked at this time of year. Local contacts may be able to help here.

If you do not fall into this category, use our list of accommodation available in the area.

When arranging your accommodation, don't forget to consider meals. Rowing hours do not always fit in with normal eating times and you may need to make alternative arrangements for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are staying in a Bed & Breakfast, don't forget to budget for lunch and evening meals. Check out the 'Eating Out' section for details and suggestions.

In general, you are likely to be asked for a deposit - especially if you are bringing a large party. It is best to reserve in advance, but should you find yourself without any accommodation, all is not lost. Try the alternatives on our list, or visit the Henley Tourist Information Office (+44 (0) 1491 578034) who will be able to provide a list of local accommodation and may be able to help you locate a vacant room or twelve. The internet links below are also an invaluable source of information.

Use our Bulletin Board to post messages offering or seeking accommodation.

Alternatively, Henley is extremely close to West Greater London (30mins by road), and it may prove just as easy to stay out-of-town and travel into Henley. Just avoid the rush hour!