The Go Rowing Checklist

Right, so you're planning a rowing trip.
Some or all of the suggestions below may be important to you. We suggest you print this page off and tick your way down the list, crossing out anything which doesn't apply to your trip. Use the Locations List to think about specific aspects of your holiday.

Happy planning!

The Check List

  1. Booking transport:
    • Airline flights
    • Trailing or towing vehicle - do you know the regulations?
    • Plan the loading time for your trailer (if relevant)
    • Ferry booking
    • Car hire
    • Train tickets
    • Coach or minibus hire
    • Have you checked transport of unusual items such as oars, with the companies?
    • Booked a taxi to the airport or train station?
    • Driving licence in case you hire motor vehicles
    • Method of paying any toll charges
    • Does everyone in your party know the itinerary?
  2. Finding your way about:
    • Do you have maps of the area, including street atlases?
    • Journey route planned (driving) and maps printed off
    • Directions to your destination from your host(s)
    • Have you checked the travel news lately?
  3. Immigration:
    • Got a valid passport?
    • Visas required? And valid?
  4. Finances:
    • Currency ordered or ready to pick up
    • Got a credit card with plenty of available balance?
    • Have you written down the emergency phone number in case you lose the card?
    • Cash for immediate travel requirements
    • Money belt for safe storage
    • Traveller's cheques ordered or delivered
    • Do you have applicable insurance for your journey and stay?
  5. Accommodation:
    • Hotel, hostel or B&B bookings
    • Deposit paid for booking by confirmation date
    • Does your accommodation cover meals?
    • What catering facilities are you going to use?
    • Check-in times for where you're staying
  6. Rowing:
    • Which club will you be based at?
    • Time you are arriving - how will you get in?
    • Someone to meet you and show you around
    • Membership or entry fee for the club
    • Boats and/or blades to hire/borrow. Be specific about your needs
    • Hire charges for equipment
    • Launches if necessary, or perhaps bikes for towpaths
    • Do you know the safety regulations (eg lights, lifejackets)?
    • Plan the times of day you can go rowing
    • Somewhere to charge the coxbox and lock up your possessions
    • What tools will you be able to borrow and which must be taken?
  7. Competing in rowing events:
    • Competition entries need to be put in on time
    • Arranging competition licence fees (eg UK day ticket or ARA number)
    • Boat use arranged for the right times
    • Doubling-up allowed and can be fitted in
    • Training schedule and course use time
    • Access to other facilities: gym, cross-training, physio, cafeteria, showers
    • Registration date and time in your diary
    • Weigh-in date and time for lightweights and coxes
    • Race schedule confirmed
    • Any changes to the crews permitted and confirmed
  8. Techno:
    • Got all the right adaptors for your electrical items?
    • Mobile phone arranged if necessary
    • Freemail address registered, or use of local dial-up organised
    • Computer or palmtop, modem if used
    • Circulate a land-telephone number where messages can be left
    • If on a training camp, is there a fax number you can be contacted at?
  9. Having fun
    • What to see (tourist guide)
    • Where to go shopping
    • Where to eat
    • Where to drink, dance and have fun
    • Social events arranged by the regatta or club you're visiting
  10. Packing: the final panic
    • Clothes for training and for normal wear
    • Shoes, coats, wet-weather gear, posh kit for nights out
    • Passport, cheques, money, driving licence, ID card
    • Travel tickets, boarding cards, itinerary, hotel confirmation
    • Tools, coaching or coxing equipment, blades safely parcelled up
    • Maps, directions, notes, racing details
    • Presents for your hosts, especially if you're on a free trip
    • Book for the journey, perhaps food for the trip, tapes/CDs, Walkman

    Whatever happens, have a great trip       :-)